Steve Kim is a father, husband, and an American success story. Born in South Korea and the son and grandson of immigrants, his expansive knowledge and experience has influenced all levels of Illinois government and benefited the United States nationally and abroad. For years, Chicago and Illinois have been the world’s most prominent example of out of control crime and political corruption. Steve’s state, national, and international experience gives him unique insight into moving Illinois forward and tackling the crime and corruption our state has become synonymous with.

Steve was born in South Korea and moved to America with his family at just 3 years old. His parents and grandparents came to this country in pursuit of a better life for themselves and their children. It is a familiar American story that this country was built upon. They left friends, family and jobs to pursue that American dream of higher education, success and prosperity. They arrived in the northern suburbs of Chicago and were quickly enveloped by the kindness and goodwill of strangers—many from the Asian-American community who had made the same journey themselves. And over the years, the American Dream gave them what it had promised and allowed them to give Steve a quality education, including a law degree at Loyola University of Chicago Law School, as the foundation for his own success in life.

Early in his career, Kim advised former Gov. Jim Edgar on international trade, economic development, and Asian affairs issues. Kim has gone on to become one of the most respected international business attorneys in Illinois. Currently a partner at a boutique international law firm, Steve works with companies across the globe where he has developed a deep understanding of the importance of anti-corruption policies, the rule of law, and public safety.

Kim was appointed to the Illinois Human Rights Commission with bipartisan approval by the Illinois State Senate where he adjudicated hundreds of civil rights cases. He has also served as a member of the Rules Committee of the Illinois Supreme Court, and previously as an International Trade Specialist at the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, Director of Export and International Trade for the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce and on former Senator Mark Kirk’s Small Business Advisory Board.

His public service goes far beyond the borders of Illinois, as Steve continues to serve his country lending experience on election missions with IRI, going abroad to ensure elections are conducted freely and fairly.

Steve Kim for Attorney General

The Illinois Attorney General represents the people of Illinois in legal action, overseeing key programs, and first and foremost, ensuring that the rule of law is justly applied to every Illinoisan. Steve’s deep legal knowledge and private experience working with every level of the government gives him a unique command and understanding of the landscape he will be stepping into as Attorney General.